The Online Reading Program That Kids Love

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Courtney has this to say about Reading Eggs

My daughter is now 5 and she's been using Reading Eggs for almost a year. Her favorite is Math Eggs and she's doing super great with her math!  READ MORE

 This is BY FAR the only program that keeps her in a chair for longer than 30 minutes. We sometimes go though 3 levels a night. Mango the monkey who's one of the characters in Math Eggs is her favorite.

 Another wonderful perk is the free printables that correspond with the lessons. I always print out the lessons for the week ahead and a couple hours after completing the lessons my daughter will complete the worksheets and she really enjoys them. They're short enough to retain her attention because she's not too fond of worksheets at 5 years old but colorful enough to keep her engaged throughout all of the activities on the page.

 This is a very easy site to navigate. Everything is very user friendly and the lessons are self guided so there is little to no interaction needed from the parents because the visual cues and audio instructions are easy to understand and very clear. My daughter has only had a few problems with the reading side but it's because she's now at a more challenging level and it's getting tougher for her to keep up, which leads me into the next wonderfuel feature that I really like about Reading Eggs.

 There is a parent's portal where you can monitor your children's progress and view what they've learned so far. If your child has been stuck on a level for quite some time and is getting frustrated you have the ability to roll the lessons back and take them back to a more comfortable level until you find that they are grasping the new concepts.

 When you reach the end of a level there is a quiz that has to be passed before your child can progress to the next "world." My daughter LOVES reaching the end of a lesson because once all the activities are completed for a level there's an acorn that cracks open and a cute little character is revelaed that sits next to the lesson numbers that when clicked giggle and move. My daughter loves to click on her new accomplished and hard earned character after completing a level.

  One you've taken and passed the quiz at the end of each world your child is awarded a certificate that you can print and proudly display so your child can have a piece of motivation to continue this fun program.

 Another great feature are the apps. On the site you can find the links to download apps for your mobile devices so your child can practice their letters, numbers and watch educational videos that feature the familiar characters from the program.  The short videos are great!

 I will continue using this program as long as my daughter enjoys it and every day she asks me if she can do eggs (the reading section) or aacorn (the math section.) She's always super excited to get going with her lessons and she has retained just about everything she's learned since beginning this program.

 I suggest every parent who is looking for a well rounded reading and math program should in the very least sign up for a free trail. More than likely you'll get hooked and subscribe for the year. The price is extremley  reasonable and I have no regrets since becoming a paid member of the Reading Eggs Community.

 I hope that you give Reading Eggs a chance to make your child as happy about learning as mine, because when children enjoy learning and have fun with their work it's the greatest feeling. I'm so proud of my daughter's achievements so far since using this program and I'm excited to see what Mango has up her silly sleeve tomorrow!

Courtney M Jones